Michael-Angelo Music Academy

Est. 1999

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Michael-Angelo in Rawdon


Music lessons in Rawdon

Marie-Anne Tessier

Amongst the trees, on Mont Pontbriand

Guitar, piano, drums & percussions, ukulele, bass, and theory

Guitar, piano, drums/percussion, ukulele, bass, and theory
All ages - All styles
Private lessons
Possibility of band lessons (on invite)

Let's explore music together!


Online, at your home, or at the academy:

Next to Marie-Anne elementary:
4567 Rue du Mont Pontbriand, Rawdon, QC J0K 1S0

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A Lanaudière story of music

I remember first falling in love with music at four years old; I was playing drums over my brother's boom box radio… By age 13, I was riding my bicycle to students' homes with a guitar on my back. Soon after, I went on to study Jazz in College, and started my artist career, while continuing to teach music in parallel. Over the past 20 years, my songs have reached millions of ears, and the top 10 charts on commercial radio, I’ve toured internationally, and performed on leading television shows. Nowadays, I regularly work with the major labels, music producers and songwriters worldwide.
To date, the Michael-Angelo Academy of Music, has inspired 800+ artists. Our annual student concerts are attended by over 200 people, and sponsored by Long & McQuade Music, Steves Music, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, and more. We regularly collaborate with local education and artistic entities, such as L’École Marie-Anne, College Champagneur, the “CME” museum, and the “Muzicamp” summer camp.

Currently we're a team of two; Marie-Anne Tessier and I, Michaël-Angelo.



Ultimately it’s the students that make a school…

We’ve helped our students start from scratch, and attain great professional achievements:


- Lou Deschamps, Éléonore Lagacé, and Anthony Gaudet reached the finalist (televised) level in “La voix” (The Voice).

- Amaury Mougin passed his college entry audition at CEGEP St.-Laurent, for Jazz Bass.

- Isaak Menard won “Secondaire en spectacle, Lanaudière”, with his compositions on voice, guitar, and piano.

- Olivier Haineault (oli_beatz) is a successful music producer, currently collaborating with international artists.

- Several of our students have even gone on multinational concert tours.



It’s curiosity that fuels the creative fire; and it’s knowledge that wields it. A balance of both produces great art.

So we encourage our students to pace themselves in their practise regimen. Pushing too hard can suffocate curiosity. When a student starts to show signs of practice fatigue, we focus some lesson time on nourishing their curiosity; the exploring and discovering part of study. This, in turn, encourages them to practise more as they see the need to improve their technique to make sense of what they’ve discovered.

Have you ever wondered what information lies beyond the limits of words? Inspiration is one of the doorways there.

In my most recent studies of art, I’ve noticed that all great works inspire an action, a realization, or empathy. Half of being a musician is listening; so we show our students how to listen first, to identify what inspires them in a song. This is the best way for them to define their stylistic tastes and to specify what they want to learn. From there, we step back as teachers, and become coaches instead, students become artists who study; as we still are.

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